The Australian Maliphant Family website

This section of the Maliphant Family website is all about the Australian branch of the Maliphant clan and is easily distinguished from the main site by the Australian flag in the header.

An Overview

There are a number of Georges involved here, so we need a naming convention.
To do this we use a code for each generation:

  • George [##44002] is the head of the family – he will have the suffix g44
  • George [##45004] is his son – so he’ll have g45
  • George g45 had a son called George Cornelius – he would have g46, but we’ll use his full name for clarity 🙂

The majority of the Maliphants in Australia are descended from George g45 so we start our list with him, followed by the lines of his two sons George Cornelius and Stanley William.

There are still many relatives there, here is the full list of the lines as we know them:

NameConnectionMore InfoKnown Family Names
George g44SelfRead MoreThis family spawned an enormous amount of travel around the world. They have their own page to summarise it all!
George g45SelfRead MoreJust about George (Junior) and his wife Agnes
George Cornelius LineGeorge Maliphant [##45004]Read MoreMaliphant, Bizimovski, Cairns, Forester, Freeman
Stanley William LineGeorge Maliphant [##45004]Read MoreMaliphant, Benad, Butcherine, Criss, Crudgington, Jones, Lindsay, McNeill, Peirce, Roche, Shaw, Trowell
Albert Victor LineAlbert Victor Maliphant [##46016]Read MoreMaliphant, Harvey, Hattenfels
Donohue LineKate Maliphant [##46055]Read MoreDonohue, Riwaka, Tunnell
Tucker LineAnn Maliphant [##48027]Read MoreTucker